Kurfürstlich Sächsischer Christstollen®  and Kurfürst Sparkling Wine

Kurfürst sparkling wine from the Hoflößnitz combined with noble Kurfürstlich Sächsischer Stollen – certainly a suitable gift set. The gift set is available with a 1000g stollen with either Kurfürst sparkling wine dry or rosé, both as bottle fermentation. We also offer another set with a 500g Stollen and a Piccolo bottle of dry Kurfürst sparkling wine.

The Hoflößnitz – centre of the Saxon wine cultural landscape

More than half a millennium of wine culture – not without pride one can look back on more than 600 years of history here at the foot of the Lößnitz slopes. Once a wine-growing estate and rural retreat of the Wettin family, the idyllic, listed estate is today a gem of Saxony’s wine cultural landscape and the first producer to dedicate itself entirely to organic cultivation and produce certified Saxon organic wines and sparkling wines.

Since 1998, the Hoflößnitz Foundation has cultivated the wine-growing tradition lived here: in the interiors of the historic buildings and on the adjoining open space, Saxony’s only wine-growing museum presents guests with permanent and special exhibitions on the history and present of regional winegrowing.