Delivery times

After payment we deliver within 2-5 working days.

In national dispatch the delivery of packets at the receiver usually takes place on the next working day.

In international shipping, the duration of transport is dependent on the destination country.

As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, international scheduled flight networks have largely collapsed since March 2020. For many destinations, the available air freight capacities from Europe are very scarce and delivery times cannot be predicted exactly. Unfortunately a recovery of the situation is not foreseeable.

Here are some figures on the most common target countries (business days):


Belgium 2
Bosnia Herzegovina 12
Bulgaria 6-8
Denmark 2
Estonia 9
Finland 6
Greece 10
United Kingdom 3
Ireland 8
Italy 3
Croatia 4-5
Latvia 6-12
Lithuania 6-11
Luxembourg 2-3
Netherlands 2-3
Norway 7-8
Austria 2
Polend 3
Portugal 9
Romania 6-10
Sweden 4
Switzerland 4
Slovakia 3-4
Slovenia 4
Spain 7
Czech Republic 3
Turkey 10-15
Hungary 5


Canada 10
USA 10-12