Our Services for Companies – Christstollen with Stollen banderole as an individual corporate gift with your company logo!

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icon-entwurf_60Your individual Stollen Banderole (designs -pdf-file)
icon-beilegen_60Adding your greeting cards, CD’s, or something similar
icon-brief_60Design of greeting cards according to your wishes
icon-flugzeug_60Worldwide single package according to your address list
icon-lkw_60Complete shipping to your address
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Shipment according to your address list in a separate box.
Shipment according to your address list in a separate box.
For large quantities, we can make the delivery
for you using pallets and trucks.
Stollenbrett mit Firmenlogo
Our service: Stollen boards with your company logo as an attractive giveaway!


Our stollen are always an appropriate gift for your customers, employees or suppliers. Give the stollen with a Stollen banderole with your company logo as a special giveaway.


The following types of Stollen are available for companies to choose from:

  • Raisin Stollen

    Raisin Stollen

  • Almond Paste Stollen

    Almond Paste Stollen

  • Almond Stollen

    Almond Stollen

  • Stollentrilogy









  • Mini-Raisin-Stollen


  • Kurfürstlich Sächsischer Christstollen®


  • Cranberry-Stollen


  • Advocaat-Stollen










  • Raisin Stollen, he is the classic among the Stollen
    Available weight: 500 g, 750 g, 1000 g, 1500 g und 2000 g
  • Mini-Raisin-StollenAvailable weight: 250g
  • Kurfürstlich Sächsischer Christstollen® – similar recipes like Stollen, a little easier
    Available weight: 500 g and 1000 g
  • Almond Paste Stollen – very classy and because of Almond Paste filling slightly sweeter
    Available weight: 250 g, 500 g, 750 g, 1000 g, 1500 g and 2000 g
  • Almond Stollen – without raisins or sultanas
    Available weight: 250 g, 500 g, 750 g, 1000 g, 1500 g and 2000 g
  • Stollentrilogy – invites you to taste. You get in a box per a classic Raisin Stollen, a Almond Stollen and a Almond Paste Stollen, all each with 500 g weight.
  • Cranberry-Stollen – it is based on the Almond Stollen, adding cranberry berries
    Available weight: 1000 g
  • Advocaat-Stollen – based Almond Stollen, adding eggnog concentrate
    Available weight: 1000 g

All Stollen are packed in a foil bag and are shipped in a gift box with Dresden motive. Original Dresdner Christstollen® we can offer up to a weight of 1000 g also in a gift can with Dresdner motive. The larger Stollen with a weight of 1500 and 2000 g are shipped exclusively in a gift box. Give away different types of Stollen with our Stollen Trilogy.


Stollen banderole with your Company Logo

Companies who want to hand over Stollen as promotional item or as a gift for your customers, employees or partners, we offer the opportunity to provide the Stollen with a gift band that contains the company logo.

In addition to the colors we can also take on the colors of the logo of your company to meet the corporate design of your company.

You are welcome to send us your free-form designs for the banderole. Or ask us to design a completely individual banderole. Some examples of our standard banderoles and free-form designs you can here view this pdf file (1,8 MB).

So gets your gift a personal touch – to take over the company logo is very simple, just send us your logo as an image file via email and we tie it into the Stollen banderole. So are the Stollen exquisite promotional items. The image files should we get in printable resolution (max width of the Stollen banderole 10 cm). The file format should be PDF, TIFF or JPG.

Custom Greeting Cards, Delivery and Shipping

We offer the ability to add greeting cards to your Stollen gift. The design of these cards, we can also make. The shipment will be according to your address list. To ensure that the Stollen arrives intact at the receiver, it is packaged in a separate box.

For larger shipments, we inform you about the travel costs and shipping arrangements on request with.


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