DRESDNER ESPRESSO is easy on the stomach, roasted with a single variety and free of fillers such as corn, and also has low acrylamite levels. The slow and gentle roasting makes the product more digestible than conventional coffee made for profit.
By slow roasting at a low temperature, the bean loses a lot of chlorogenic acid and develops an even greater variety of aromas. In drum roasting, the beans are subsequently cooled with air rather than water. Cooling with water, on the other hand, further shortens the process and generates more weight, but the quality of the coffee suffers as a result.

DRESDNER ESPRESSO is characterized by a pleasantly mild taste. But in addition to quality, origin, sustainable cultivation, fair trade with coffee farmers, and a resource-conserving approach to protecting nature are of particular importance. On the Brazilian plantation, Ismael Andrade attaches great importance to sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources. In the heart of the Cerrado Plateau, at an altitude of 1,300 meters, lies his Fazenda São Silvestre.
We offer here the DRESDNER ESPRESSO in the gift box and as a refill with aroma closure.

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