Dresden city Honey
The city on the Elbe is not only the most beautiful but also one of the greenest cities in Germany. In addition to the numerous parks and avenues, it is primarily the many small gardens and balconies, where our bees fill their honey bubbles. The variety of nectar and pollen of various flowers, shrubs and trees guarantees healthy bee colonies and honey, rich in flavors.

Quality of urban honey
Honey is a pure and unadulterated natural product. This lifeblood devote the bees their fullest attention. The welfare of the young bees solely depends from the good quality of this bee food from.
City Honey is very palatable for the bees, as recent studies show. Fine dust and exhaust gases – the main obstacles affecting the urban climate – are not to be found in honey. This may firstly be because the calyx will open only a short time and the nectar flow is very fast skimmed off by the bees. Secondly, an ingenious filter system ensures the organism of the worker bees that all impurities are filtered from the nectar and the honey is therefore a pure natural product and remains. Unfortunately, pollutant filtering fails pesticides – but these are not to be found in the city.

Honeys from cities
Town honey is not honey of a particular variety. Through many different flowering plants, there are many varieties of nectar. The taste varies just like the color from
month to month and from district to district. Much of our bee colonies is in the city center of Dresden and you taste for example the locust trees in Dresden Friedrichstadt,
the Linden trees in Ostragehege, the cherry blossoms in the Garden division on the Weißeritz shore and thousands of flower boxes of Dresden balconies.


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