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The baking of Stollen has a long tradition in Dresden, and dates back to the 15th century. For generations, the Stollen is made by of traditional family recipe by master craftsmen. For almost 20 years, our Stollen have been supplied by the Dresden master baker and confectioner Hennig (member of the Stollen Protection Association). Selecting the right ingredients is crucial for the quality of this traditional baked article. In addition to the classics - the Original Dresden Christmas Stollen ® -we offer also Raisin Stollen, Almond Paste Stollen, Almond stollen, Poppy Seed Stollen and supplementary items like the Dresden Stollen knife and Stollen boards in our online shop.

Learn more about the history of Dresder Stollen ® , see a short video and images, how the Stollen is manually manufactured in the bakery. Read, what Ingredients are contained in the Stollen and find out about the correct Storage of Stollen.


Enjoy a piece of Dresden baking tradition.
Original Dresdner Stollen®, Kurfürstlich Sächsischer Christstollen® and Almond Paste Stollen are our top-sellers!

Easter Bread

Saxon Easter Bread   Easter bread, in many places also known as Easter cake or Lenten breaker, is a delicacy that should not be missing on any table at the end of Lent. From the same bakery from which we

Gift Sets

Christstollen with gift articles   We offer you Christstollen as gift sets with matching items, such as a stollen board, a Dresden stollen knife, Kurfürst sparkling wine from the wine house Hoflößnitz in Saxony or Dresden city honey. Whether Dresdner

Stollen knife

Dresden Stollen Knife A perfect gift idea!   The Dresden Stollen Knife is the showpiece of Royal Saxon cake knives and is handcrafted in sterling silver, with the support of major Dresden museums after a historical reference from the Court

Cranberry Stollen

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Cranberry Stollen     Base of Cranberry Stollen is the almond stollen. The almond stollen dough are added cranberries. Thus the Stollen receives a fruity note. The cranberry Stollen has a minimum shelf life of 6 weeks at optimal storage

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Almond Paste (Marzipan) Stollen

Almond Paste Stollen

Almond Paste (Marzipan) Stollen – Enjoyment for Gourmets   Something for connoisseurs is our Almond Paste (Marzipan) Stollen, he is slightly sweeter and owes its name to the almond paste filling. It is closely related with the raisin stollen. Almond

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Almond Stollen

Kurfürstlich Sächsischer Christstollen®

Almond Stollen – a noble Christmas pastry without raisins   Our Almond Stollen are the counterpart of the Raisin Stollen and are baked without raisins or sultanas. Even without these ingredients unfolds the Almond Stollen a wonderfully rich flavor and

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Kurfürstlich Sächsischer Christstollen®

Almond Stollen

Kurfürstlich Sächsischer Christstollen®, made from an old traditional family recipe The Kurfürstlich Sächsische Christstollen® is a raisin stollen whose recipe is closely based on the original Dresden Christstollen®. For over 40 years and now in the fourth generation, our Christstollen®

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Other specialties - Stollen Trilogy - three different Stollen! Mini-Raisin-Stollen - delicious to taste! Poppy seed stollen - just right for poppy lovers!