Saxon Easter bread

Easter bread, also known in many places as Easter pancakes or Lenten breakers, is a traditional pastry that is a popular gift at the end of Lent. From the same bakery that supplies us with Original Dresden Christstollen® during the Christmas season, we obtain Saxon Easter Bread at Easter time. Meanwhile, for three generations, the Easter bread is made by hand in the family business

manufactured and is popular and known beyond the region. The Easter bread is cut crosswise before baking. According to tradition, this is related to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Let us deliver our traditional Saxon bakery art directly to your home. Order now – delivery will start in mid-March 2023.

Last shipping date 2023: 05.04.2023

Service for companies:
Saxon Easter bread with customized banderole, with your Easter greetings and company logo! Contact us!

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