Manufacturing process of the “Dresdner Christstollen”

Here the Stollen dough is in the kneading machine,
all ingredients must be mixed well!
Then the dough is weighed.
The weighed dough is formed to a round piece of dough,
called "Rohstollen".
Here gets the "Rohstollen" its elongated,
for Stollen typical form.
Thereafter the blank is placed on a plate.
Before baking, the Stollen will even cut longitudinally.
Then it goes into the oven. He bakes for about
60 minutes, first at 230 ° C, then decreased to 180 ° C.
A look into the oven reveals whether the Stollen is already good.
It is then removed from the oven.
The fully baked Stollen is with
melted butter smeared.
The Stollen is turned into granulated sugar and dusted with powdered sugar.
The Stollen is provided with a band.
So the Stollen looks in the box.
The Stollen box with Dresdner Cityscape at christmas time.


Here you can watch a short video (4:24 min) for the preparation of Christstollen.